About Gtalk

While you’re watching all the latest Hollywood Blockbusters, taking a break from your job, hitting the mall or just hanging out with your friends, it might be easy to forget just what made you so passionate about the celebrity and artist scene in the first place. In the midst of all the negative news we hear in the mainstream media, it’s refreshing to hear the stories of the people who bring joy and inspiration to millions of fans each year. With Gtalk TV, you can get up close and personal with your favorite artists and celebrities through our exclusive interviews.

Most Celebrity-based blogs will feature interviews with actors, directors, or producers, and while it’s great to see what the stars have to say, it’s usually pretty boring hearing the same answers to the same questions over and over again. (To paraphrase Good Charlotte, it’s like asking a fish what it’s like to swim.) But Gtalk is different: we talk to celebrities about their lives, their loves, and their career in ways that most people can’t. As much as the public knows about celebrities, there is a whole lot more that goes on behind the scene. Celebrities’ past experiences, their love life and future plans are some of the things that they are keeping private. In order to know more about the lives of the richest, most famous and most controversial personalities in the Philippines, Gtalk TV show was born.


Gtalk show is an all women talk show similar to “The View” on ABC Network, but in YouTubers’ style. The show features four women from different generations ranging from ages 22-50, offering perspectives on various topics. Some of the topics they discuss include entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech, health, travel, and community events. The show also promotes Filipino entertainment, culture, lifestyle, mythology and so much more.

Our hosts:

Jasmine Marie Reyes

Generation Z

Jasmine is a performer and songwriter and is currently studying at San Jose State University to get her bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance. Aside from her stage experience with musical theatre and classical singing, she’s a worship leader, voice teacher and a makeup artist.

Jessica La Frentz 


Jessica is an environmentalist and model with a degree in Society and Environment from UC Berkeley. A Beachbody coach whose goal is to help people reach their physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual goals. 


Camille Dyquiangco 


Camille is a former competitive dancer and pageant beauty queen with a bachelor’s degree in nutritional biochemistry and metabolism and has lab experience in one of the top universities in the US. She loves to travel and volunteer in the community.


Gia Galicia-Carrascoso

Generation X

Gia is a fashion designer whose line has been worn by actress Vivica A, Fox, TV personality Jeannie Mae, Model Mae Musk (mother of Elon Musk), R&B singer Goapele among others. She is also a producer of charity fashion shows, a former TV host in the Philippines, and a former Los Angeles fashion blogger covering red carpet events in Hollywood